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Cloud consultancy

At Tellan we have vast experience and knowledge about all aspects of cloud computing and we offer a cloud consultancy service to help our customers maximise the potential of the cloud in their organisations

Mobile Application Development

If you need a mobile application then speak to us. We have developed mobile application for both andriod and iOS for our own products and also for numerous customers.

Software Architecture Consultancy

We have experience in developing systems using different architectures from complex enterprise-level solutions to complete serverless solutions. We also have a specialist interest in communication technolgies

Initial Design and Proof of Concept

If you have an idea and need someone with expertise to help you develop it further, then talk to us

Rescue Projects

At Tellan we work hard to deliver quality software on time, but we know that sometimes software projects go wrong or fail to deliver on customer expectations. That's where we can help to achieve what you wanted.

Get to Know Us

At Tellan we pride ourselves on fair, honest and clear speaking as we know a lot of customers find commissioning software systems or projects an intimating, but expensive proposition. Within our development team we have people with different expertise and backgrounds which allows us to design and implement innnovative systems.

We make it our priority to keep up-to-date on new technologies and advancements to provide the best service to our customers. The products we offer are all cloud-based, secure, fast and capable of operating at scale whilst also ensuring value for money compared to traditionally hosted solutions. All products are on a continual improvement cycle which is always included in the price our customers pay.